About Us

Meet The Crane Family Rebecca, Kyle & Oak 


We are the wife and husband duo (and dog) behind Paper Crane Bookstore. We are originally from Rockford, IL, and it is where we met in high school. We left Rockford for the Southwest when we were in our mid-twenties and lived in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Phoenix before returning to the Midwest. We moved to Manitowoc in the summer of 2020. 

I (Rebecca) have always been an avid reader, book collector and super fan of independent bookstores. It was my dream for many years to own my own bookstore, but the timing never seemed right to take that leap. In the summer of 2022, I experienced a life altering layoff from my job in tech. This gave me the chance to reevaluate my life path, dreams and goals. It was then that the idea of Paper Crane Bookstore came into existence. 

In January of 2023, we began our bookselling journey at the winter farmer's market at Grow It Forward in Manitowoc and at other local businesses that were so incredibly kind to offer us a chance in their spaces. With a ton of community and family support, we were able to open our store in Two Rivers on April 1st, 2023. 

We are so thankful for everyone's support that helped make our dream of being booksellers come true! 

Our friends at Progress Lakeshore were kind enough to write an article about us, our journey and the store. Check the entire article by clicking the link below. Here is a little sneak peak!

"Once upon a time Rebecca and Kyle Crane embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would reshape their lives and the local community. As passionate book lovers, they dreamed of creating a unique space that catered to the needs of the community. With determination, and a lot of hard work, they established Paper Crane Bookstore, a haven for literature enthusiasts!